1 Dear Deb,

When I came to you I had only one idea in mind - I had to do something for my one-year anniversary with my girlfriend when I couldn't afford to do much of anything. I crudely handed you that framework and left you to your devices. I'm glad I did.

Before I had a chance to start rolling up the loose change I found in my sofa, you had already called me back. I was pleased that you obviously took measures to find the most vacation for my money, while offering numerous settings and options to try. I had no idea that I could go horseback riding or get a personal cabin in my price range, let alone some of the other wonderful ideas you came up with! As if that wasn't enough, when I messed up the schedule you had provided for our trip, you reacted with the same speed by saving me from losing my deposit and putting the trip back on track.

I can't think of how many hours and dollars I saved by contacting you. It was really nice to know that a guy on a "coach" budget could occasionally get "first-class" service in this world. Thank you for all the time you invested in myself and the wonderful mini-vacation.


Ian Cheesman

2 We had a great time in Cancun - we snorkeled and learned how to scuba. If I had to do it all over again, I would skip the snorkeling and just go scuba diving. I really appreciate your help with my trip. I probably wouldn't of been as happy had I used another travel agent.

Julie Hess

3 Thank you for everything!!!! The cruise was GREAT! Won't bore you with the usual comments about the service, food, attitudes, shows etc. etc. etc. ALL way above first class!!!!!!!!! The suite?? WOW!!! The patio? balcony? whatever it's called....appeared to be larger than most rooms on the ship. Even had EXTRA room in the drawers & closet. Never used the bathtub (except to shower) who has time? The room was awesome! Don't know how you got us the room @ the price you did, but I do know that you were very thorough & your follow-up was fantastic!!! & we do appreciate it very much! Will be talking to you soon about our next cruise.

Thanks again,

Dick & Carol

4 The personal and caring service I received at Days Off Travel was wonderful. Debbie went above and beyond to assist me with my plans; and when they changed at the last minute, she was there to make the adjustments quickly. I certainly will use Days Off again for my next trip!


Beverly M. Medrano