Randy Samora and Leanne Baecker

Randy and Leanne will be honeymooning on a cruise to the Western Caribbean. Their cruise will visit the cities of Key West, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

They will relax among the warm white beaches and beautiful turquoise waters of the most breathtaking islands on earth.

Their Dream Honeymoon
Gift Price Requested Received
Steerage Free

Help Randy and Leanne enjoy their honeymoon in a luxury balcony cabin. Or they'll be sleeping with the luggage below ship.

$30 20 2
Tequila Sunsets

Drinks on the balcony. Yep, we're assuming some of ya'all are gonna come through with that balcony so that Randy and Leanne can enjoy margaritas every evening while watching the ocean from their private balcony.

$15 7 4
Room Service Tips

It's their honeymoon...they probably won't even leave their cabin for the first two nights - we won't ask what they will be doing...

$20 2 3
Putting on the Ritz

A wedding is worthy of a celebration and what better way than by welcoming Randy & Leanne onboard the ship as they begin their honeymoon with Domaine Chandon champagne and appetizers. The next morning they will be delivered breakfast in bed. On their first formal night (yep Randy has to dress up) a tray of appetizers will be delivered to their cabin followed by a tray of sweet delights after dinner. And to capture this remarkable event, a 8x10 portrait in a signature silver-plated frame is included.

$100 1 1
Heart Defibrillator

Afterall, Leanne is younger than Randy and things happen...

$50 24 0
Scuba - 2 tank dive

Grand Cayman has the best diving in the world. They will enjoy a deep morning dive, perhaps to one of the famous Cayman walls. The second dive is shallow... perhaps to a wreck ... or to the reef...or to Stingray City.

$40 6 2
Drinks with Papa Pub Crawl

Home of Ernest Hemingway, Key West offers a variety of bars, all within stumblin' drunk distance.

$10 6 6
Umm, good.

It would be a shame to visit Key West without sampling Key Lime pie. But even better, frozen Key Lime Pie dipped in chocolate on a stick.

$8 2 0
Hit the ocean running

An exhilarating guided trip around Key West and the surrounding islands on a wave runner. Guide will point out marine life, give some Key West and nautical history, show them the mangroves, the indigenous marine life, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean.

$85 2 2
Nine 1/2 Weeks

Strawberries, chocolate syrup, and a case of whipped cream. Randy said something about a "Leanne Sundae," I didn't ask and I don't want to know.

$25 1 1
Doing it in the dirt

Cozumel's finest eco-tour, the Dune Buggy Safari, is an adventure Randy & Leanne will treasure forever. This trip is taken in recycled VW dune buggies that are made in Cozumel. Their tour guides will prepare the dune buggies, pack their lunch, and will bring plenty of refreshments and beer. Randy (or Leanne) will be the driver, as they head off-road over the rocks, ruts and sand into areas that are not often seen by tourists. They'll see two coastal ruins, remote coastline, pristine reefs, encounter local wildlife, visit bird habitats, see iguanas, lizards, and maybe even the local crocodile. The ancient Mayan ruin of the Castillo Real is on their agenda, as well as the Atoilles Reef - a u-shape along the shore creating a "bay" effect of calm waters. Lunch is a Mexican delight - chicken tacos, rice, tortillas, soda and beer.

$91 2 1
Yeehaw, ride em cowboy!

Yep, Mexico has horses. Well trained horses and experienced guides will make Randy and Leanne feel secure as time turns back. They'll travel through the natural terrain, a mysterious and fascinating jungle, you'll witness what was once part of the lives of ancient people, the Mayans.

$45 2 0
Water Camera

Help Randy and Leanne capture those special moments...yes, it works in the shower.

$15 2 1
In the dark

A bottle of oil, candle lit room and soft music...all the perfect ingredients for a full body massage complete with aromaic oils from the skilled hands of a massaseus. What did you think Randy was going to do it?

$70 2 2

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